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Home Buying Learn about home buying and building a new home with resources and advice to help you become a more educated consumer. Discover the benefits of new homes and see the latest trends in home building.

New Home Benefits:  Discover the benefits of newly constructed homes – and why now is a great time to buy. From modern floor plans to increased efficiency, new homes offer the design and flexibility that today’s home buyers are seeking.

Types of Home Construction:  Learn about all of your construction options when you’re looking to build a new home. Understand the difference between custom and production homes, discover the rustic charm of log homes and the benefits of modular homes

Floor Plans:  Check out the latest design trends and learn what’s new in today’s market from floor plans to the finished product. These award-winning floor plans will inspire creativity with your own dream home.

Green Building and Energy Efficiency:  Explore this section to learn about how you can save natural resources and money with green building, energy-efficient and sustainable construction and remodeling.

Questions to Ask Your Home Builder:  When you're thinking about buying a new home, selecting the right home builder is a key step in creating the home of your dreams. You should feel comfortable asking a potential home builder every question that you think is important. And, a professional builder or sales representative will want to make you a happy and satisfied home owner.

Home Buyer's Dictionary:  ARM? GPM? PITI? You’d have to be a cryptologist to figure out some of the terms buyers encounter during the home buying process. Doing research on how to buy a house before beginning the process can greatly improve your experience and prepare you for the exciting course ahead. And with this glossary of home buying terms at your side, you can rest easy that your new home won’t get lost in translation.

New Year, New-to-You Home  It’s the New Year, and you’d like to rejuvenate your home. You’re not going to move walls or build an addition. But you’d like to breathe some new life into what you have. Here are a few easy updates you can do to make your house seem instantly new to you.  Click here to read article

If You Want the Job Done Right, Hire a Professional   Any homeowner planning to remodel wants nothing less than a professional job.  Who wouldn't want the best quality in terms of workmanship and materials when it comes to improving their most prized and most valuable asset?  Click here to read article