About Us

Executive Officer

Jamie Zastrow,
Executive Offcer

Board of Directors


Leroy Hardrath

Hardrath Improvements

President Elect

Paul Braun
Braun Building Center


Dan Schneider
Schneider & Schneider Construction


Deb Braun
Schenck SC

Past President


Carl Hlinak
Certified Builders
Mark Pekarske
Pekarske Builders


Terry Welnicke
Manitowoc Heating & Refrigeration


Steve Ford
Steve Ford State Farm


Brandon Bartow

Bartow Builders

Our Mission

Manitowoc County Home Builders Association, a professional, not-for-profit organization of builders and related businesses, promotes attainable, safe and quality housing. We serve our members and our communities through education, government affairs and public service.

Code of Ethics

The members of this Association shall be limited to those persons and firms who shall subscribe to the following Code of Ethics.

Members of the Manitowoc County Home Builders Association believe and affirm that:
  • Home ownership can and should be within reach of every American family    
  • Homes should be well designed, well constructed, and located in attractive communities, with educational, recreational, religious, and shopping facilities accessible to all
  • American homes should be built under the free American enterprise system

To achieve these goals, we pledge to subscribe to the following Code of Ethics:
  •  To conduct business affairs with professionalism, honesty, and skill
  • To provide the best housing value possible through the use of quality materials, services, and construction practices backed by integrity
  • To build and renovate homes with high standards of safety and livability
  • To comply with the applicable industry standards as adopted by the Association
  • To comply with all codes and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for the health, safety, and progress of the community
  • To seek to resolve business controversies through a non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism
  • To deal fairly with respective employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and other members
  • To respect and promote the Association’s mission, purposes, and activities; to refrain from acting in any manner that detracts from the Association’s mission, purposes, and activities; and to refrain from acting in any manner that creates public confusion or misunderstanding regarding the mission, purposes, or activities of the Association (including false and misleading advertising or other false and misleading public statements)
  • To support the Association in its efforts to shape sound public policy for the betterment of our industry and the people we serve
  • To refuse to obtain any business through fraudulent means, knowing acts of omission, or by use of implications unwarranted by fact or reasonable probability
  • To refuse to engage in copyright infringement
  • To use the Association logo only in conjunction with a company/member name that holds a membership in the Association
  • To refuse to perform or cause to be performed any act that could reflect, discredit, or disrepute any part of the building industry and/or the Association
  • To support and abide by the decisions of the Board of Directors in promoting and enforcing this Code of Ethics
Members assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that they are part of our obligation as members of the Manitowoc County Home Builders Association.